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For convenience we will sometimes name CpaymentMethods.com ‘we’, ‘our’ or ‘us’. For the very same reason we may here address the visitors as ‘you’ or ‘your’.

CpaymentMethods.com warmly welcomes each and every visitor of our site. Still, we find it important to establish some basic terms and conditions of using our website.

By continuing to use our website you show your agreement with the following terms and conditions, as well as with the Privacy Policy. For this reason you are sometimes asked to agree to the policies and terms and in case you do not accept them, we would ask you to not continue using the website.
Website use

We believe it to be in our visitors’ best interests to ensure that using the website is trouble-free, safe and pleasant. The users are in fact incoraged to report any obuse in the website using or any sort of the agreement breach.

The website design, layout, colours, themes etc may be changed without prior notice as well as replaced. The user experience may change depending on what type of device is being used to access the website as well as what personal settings are implemented on the device.

Any external or internal links implemented on the website are only provided for the users’ conveniene and/or informational purposes. Advertisements and external site links are not to be perceived as an andorsement of any products or/and content. Just as well the visitors are not obliged to make any deals, make any deposits or buy the products they see as the advertisement on the website. CpaymentMethods.com is not to be held liable for the products or/and content offered on a linked website.

We are to make all possible efforts to maintain uninterrupted operation of CpaymentMethods.com website and its services; nevertheless, the equipment and/or technology may fail to function or function incorrectly in some way, influencing availability of the website while we cannot and shall not provide the guarantees and warranties for this not to happen. Also, we will not be responcible for your inability to access the website during some sort of technical issue or due to melfuncion of your device, as well as for the damage, corruption or loss of the data stored on our server(s).

Our website must not be accessed in any way except for a browser. Accessing the website by any other means shall be treated as unautorised, which includes but is not limited to:

Please be informed that according to our Privacy Policy and the EU Cookie Directive we use the cookies while you are on CpaymentMethods website. Any information accured by means of cookies collection is processed according to the Privacy Policy and the Data Protection Act 1998.

Intellectual Property

The source code, graphics, layout, text, design and the CpaymentMethods’ website appearance overall is owned by the developers of the website.

We allow downloading images and information from the website, but only for personal use.
Our visitors/users must not in any way reproduce the content of our website for commercial purposes, unless with written consent of the copyright holder.

Plagiarism or any type of copyright breach is both unlawful and unethical, and we have no intention to tolerate or endorse this sort of activities. For this reason we have the full right to undertake any necessary actions to rectify of prevent a breach.

User provided content

When our visitors/users provide any content to our website, by means of leaving a feedback, reviews, or/and taking part in any form of communication with the website – they grant the CpaymentMethods.com website our our successors a royalty-free, nont-exclusive, sub-licensable etc right to use the provided content, including but not limited to the right to publish, reproduce, adapt the content etc.

By providing the website any content you also guarantee that:

You accnowlage that CpaymentMethods.com website and/or our successors are entitled to use the information/content provided by you for any purposed royalty-free and without compensation to you or any third parties that participated in creation of your content. You also confirm the right of other visitors/users of our website to store, download etc any content (including provided by you) available on our website for personal use. The submissions shall not be subject to any sort of obligation on our part.

The Legal bits

By visiting our website you confirm that you are of legal age (18 or 21 depending on the country you are from) and have the legal right to agree to these terms and conditions or/and our Privacy Policy.
This agreement does not aim and overall does not create any form of partnership agreement between you and us.

These Terms and Conditions as well as the fact of you suing our website do not create a contract or any sort of obligation for you to visit any third party resources mentioned on our website. We will not be responsible for any issues that may occur between you and third parties. CpaymentMethods.com website intends to provide information services and should be treated simply as a party that gives its honest opinion but is not responsible for any of your or third parties actions.

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