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address: USA, 2211 North First Street San Jose, California 95131

phone: 1-402-935-2050

established: 1998


There are plenty of online casinos that accept PayPal (including the major ones) which means it won’t be difficult to find a casino allowing depositing and withdrawal via using this global system.

Today, most online casinos offer the best a variety of safe payment options because otherwise they simply risk losing the players to stand out among the competition and gain clients. And You are about to read the a compilation of detailed info on each top popular online payment solution and on how they work. Which payment option is the best for you? What advantages do you receive get by using them? What Which casinos offer special terms benefits for players who use this or that solution? On this page you will find answers to these important questions and more.

All you need to do is to check out the list of casinos on this page for getting to get comprehensive information about your future favorite payment method.

Online casinos that accept PayPal in 2024

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Casino Bonus Banking options Play
PayPal Depositing Withdrawing Withdraw time
Jackpot City casinoJackpot City casinoMicrogaming, WGT $€£ 400 $€£ 10-2500 $€£ 10-2500 24h Play now
Betway CasinoBetway Casinouk acceptedMicrogaming, WGT $€£ 250 $€£ 10-2500 $€£ 10-4000 24h Play now
Spin Palace casinoSpin Palace casinoMicrogaming $€£ 250 $€£ 10-2500 $€£ 10-2500 24h Play now
Hippodrome сasino Hippodrome сasino uk acceptedMicrogaming $€£ 250 $€£ 10-2500 $€£ 10-4000 24h Play now
Ruby Fortune casinoRuby Fortune casinoMicrogaming $€£ 150 $€£ 10-2500 $€£ 10-2500 24h Play now
Roxy Palace Casino Roxy Palace Casino uk acceptedMicrogaming $€£ 150 $€£ 10-2500 $€£ 10-5000 1-7 days Play now
Gaming Club casinoGaming Club casinoMicrogaming $€£ 200 $€£ 10-2500 $€£ 10-2500 24h Play now
32Red casino32Red casinouk acceptedMicrogaming, WGT $€£ 160 $€£ 20-3000 $€£ 20-3000 1-7 days Play now
Cabaret Club casinoCabaret Club casinoMicrogaming $€£ 600 $€£ 10-2500 $€£ 10-2500 24h Play now
Golden Lounge CasinoGolden Lounge Casinouk acceptedMicrogaming $€£ 100 $€£ 20-3000 $€£ 20-3000 1-7 days Play now
Nedplay CasinoNedplay Casinouk acceptedMicrogaming $€£ 100 $€£ 20-3000 $€£ 20-3000 1-7 days Play now

Pros and cons of using PayPal for casino payments:

paypal pros and cons


  • All the confidential credit card data need only to be typed in once, and then it’s safely stored. PayPal acts as a secondary guarantee of casino’s integrity: one vault for all payment information, purchase history and all kinds of logs
  • Accepted at more and more casinos
  • Websites exist that have compiled lists of PayPal-compliant casinos
  • Straightforward, hassle-free, quick and practically effortless
  • 18 years in the business, which means good reputation
  • Friendly and professional customer support 24/7
  • Lets you deposit and withdraw money from online casinos
  • Almost irreproachable customer service
  • PayPal enables Welcome Bonuses
  • Deposits can be made very quickly
  • Automatic currency conversion
  • Multiple bank accounts, credit and debit cards mean that your credit card application will never be turned down
  • A mobile application and an easily installable IPhone App makes it a cakewalk to use PayPal anywhere and anytime
  • Buyer protection and an excellent and well-run feedback system mean PayPal users are actually better protected than credit card holders


  • It may be hard to find information quickly on whether the site supports PayPal
  • Withdrawals can take several days
  • Not all casinos accept it

paypal faq

  1. Is PayPal suitable for all online casinos?

    PayPal is an established system with a proven record of accomplishment, so it cares for its reputation. Normally the company does not like to be affiliated with companies that have not been carefully selected and vetted, but there are exceptions. For a while PayPal refused to be an intermediary between online casinos and clients. However, since 2010 a few websites that have a good name and a good history, and also have been known to take action against fraudsters and such, have been allowed. PayPal works with a few casinos it trusts and offers “limited protection”. It is recommended you use these for the reasons outlined above.

  2. Is it possible to use PayPal in the United Kingdom?

    Absolutely, and for all sorts of legal reasons it’s probably the best place for it as well.

  3. What about players in The US?

    PayPal is not a bank (Why? Because it doesn’t do fractional-reserve banking…Now you know).
    Therefore in the US it is registered as a money transfer system that has different legal regiments in different states. The reason why PayPal charges for credit card transactions is because, according to the existing legislation in the USA, unless a credit card is used during a transaction the client has no protection against fraud.
    PayPal basically has a Luxembourg banking license and therefore in The US it is subject to laws in the individual states. PayPal states that it provides its own limited protection against fraud, but that’s the risk you need to be willing to take. PayPal also offers an additional security measure (a hardware security key that generates a code you need to log in).
    It is hard to find a casino that accepts PayPal in the US because of the current regulation. In most cases we recommend paying with bitcoin or using a card.

  4. Australia, Canada and New Zealand Paypal Casinos?

    Unfortunately, we could not find casinos that accept PayPal in Australia, Canada and New Zealand. As an alternative it is recommended you use ANZ, eWallets (POLI), credit cards, or bank transfers in New Zealand; Prepaid Cards, Credit Cards, Debit Cards & things like PaySafe and EntroPay in Canada; and Australian players are unfortunately at a loss because of online gambling regulations.
    Australian, Canadian and New Zealand users may encounter problems using PayPal in their respective countries as the legal battles are still being fought.

  5. Is registration needed?

    You have to set up your own account, which is easy, free and does not take very long.
    There may be a few verification steps, which are non-complicated and quite straightforward.

  6. Is registration free?

    Registration at PayPal is completely and utterly free of charge.

  7. Do I get charged for withdrawals and deposits I make at online casinos?

    In most cases casinos will take the fees upon themselves.

Tell me more about PayPal Here

In March 2012 PayPal introduced a new PayPal Here device which enabled the system users to pay by credit card via a mobile phone (now supported by iPhone). Also, there are quite a few of mobile versions of popular online casinos accepting PayPal. For example, offers both live casino and mobile casino PayPal available for gamblers owing to MicroGaming support.

Realtime Gaming

What do I do if a casino site does not support my type of currency?

Using PayPal you are provided with secure transactions: instead of entering information about a card or a bank account the system customers use email and private password and all transactions are carried out through the safely protected official PayPal website. The system ensures instant deposit on your account and provides automatic conversion of currency at a retail exchange rate fix by PayPal (you will be charged currency conversion processing fee, but you can refuse this option if you would like to).
In any case scenario, we recommend only trusting the very notorious companies with your money when you use currency conversion if you would like to do it yourself.


How to you select casinos?

Paypal online casinos in details

Payments are made through a secure connection after introducing the e-mail and password by a user and after account confirmation. For passing the registration procedure a user need an active e-mail (keep in mind that the system doesn’t like free electronic mail services) and a bank card that will be attached to a user’s PayPal account.

You can attach either debit and credit cards or/and your bank account but make sure that your card is suitable for online payments (use the high class cards like Visa Classic, Gold and Platinum, MasterСard Mass, Gold, etc.). After filling up the registration form your e-mail and card have to be verified (for card verification you need to have approximately 2$ on it – this sum will be returned to your account afterwards).

The registration is free and there are no fees for persons who send money via the system. Online casinos usually take the costs of deposits upon themselves.

After verification you will be able to deposit money on into your casino account (including live dealer casinos) with PayPal based on Microgaming software. Transactions can be made either from your card or bank account as well as by other methods available for PayPal users.

How to make a deposit in a casino using PayPal

paypal deposit

Making a deposit is as easy as this

  1. If you don’t have a PayPal account, get one. This is easy and takes hardly any time at all. Bear in mind the verification, but that doesn’t take very long either. Go to the site to register. The service is free, but there is a fee for using a credit or debit card or for getting payments for goods and services.
  2. Pick the right casino from the list provided. They are all safe and have been reviewed for a variety of criteria.
  3. Choose PayPal to pay. The option is there if you have followed our instructions.
  4. Enter the amount. Remember that the account should be positively charged at least for that amount of money.
  5. Enter your email and password and press enter.
  6. Go back in. Log into your online casino account and the money will appear in a few minutes.

How to get money out using PayPal

paypal withdrawal

  1. Getting money out is pretty much the same process reverse-engineered, although with a few nuances:
  2. Go to the withdrawal section on the website and get your money out
  3. When you go to the banking section on your casino website, choose PayPal as your withdrawing option
  4. Enter the amount (and always make sure you read the T+C very carefully)
  5. Accept the withdrawal and wait for the transfer to be complete PayPal uses two-factor authentication, SSL encryption and a PIN There is also a team on standby that regulates and watches over transactions 24/7. It normally takes a few days for a withdrawal, and in certain areas of the world due to Unlawful Gambling Enforcement Act and certain jurisdiction squabble parts of America, Australia and Canada may have problems with PayPal usage.

You can withdraw the money using your PayPal account, getting them as soon as your request is processed by a casino (see a casino withdrawal rules). The funds can be transferred to the card attached associated with to your PayPal account or specified bank account. Users are charged the a withdrawing balance fee depending on withdrawal method and country.

Keep in mind that except minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal limits determined by casinos there are some limits on the amount of payments a PayPal user can send or withdraw receive depending on account status as well as on country.

Bonuses for Paypal casinos

What Are the Most Common Bonuses in PayPal Casinos?

Before making your first deposit via PayPal, pay attention to the T+Cs for obtaining first deposit bonus. Online casinos give only one chance to get the bonus for signing up and it will be a shame to miss it. For example, if Spin Palace casino offers 100% welcome bonus up to $150, it will be a good idea to deposit $150 – in this case you will get the maximum bonus.

Usually online casinos offer high Welcome Bonuses (sometimes as high as thousands of dollars) to attract clients. Mummys Gold casino offers a unique $500 joining bonus.
Always make sure you read the Terms and Conditions and carefully look at Wager Requirements. Some bonuses may be handed out in installments and have a high Playthrough, which means you have to make quite a lot of bets before being able to get the bonus out. These are the kinds of bonuses you will encounter:

A No-Deposit Bonus means that you can play using the bonus money without any kind of commitment. Just use the bonus money to make money!

Alternate Payment Bonuses come as part of package when you use certain services, for example PayPal.

A Welcome Bonus is given to those who have just joined, normally, and, if you are looking at less than a hundred percent joining bonus you should probably pick another one just around the corner. Any decent casino these days will give you at least a 100 percent bonus. A 100 percent bonus means that the casino is doubling your deposit, so if you make a deposit of $200 you will get a $200 on top.
Free Spins mean that you can play for free and not commit or do anything you don’t want to.

Why paypal has all the advantages and no virtually no flaws

And why it’s perfect for your (or any) business

Out of dozens of online casinos’ deposit and withdrawal options we selected 5 of the best. The criteria for choosing them were pretty simple. In order to make it on the list the online payment solutions had to:

paypal alternatives

Alternatives to PayPal:

If for some reason you cannot register, your casino stopped accepting payments or you’ve run out of money or reached your PayPal limit, there is a colossal amount of alternatives to PayPal:

How Paypal was created and how it took over the industry

A history of becoming a Legend: from a small country called Confinity (talk about being confined!) that designed security software to an unrivalled 184 000 000 user global giant with projected transactions of 1 200 000 000 in 2018.

PayPal Inc. was founded in March 2000 in the USA by Maxim Levchin and Peter Till as a result of Confinity and merger and was aimed to serve electronic auctions.

By April 2000, more than 1 million auctions on eBay offered payment via PayPal. In October 2002 PayPal was merged into eBay Inc. and since that time has been one of its subdivisions being located in California, USA.

In addition, PayPal has operations center in Nebraska, USA, International Headquarters in Singapore and European Headquarters in Luxembourg. As of 2012, PayPal operates in 190 countries (although not all of them are provided with a complete set of the system services) and has more than 184 million of registered users. 22national currencies are available for PayPal customers.

In the United States PayPal is licensed as a financial institution engaged in money transfers and therefore is obliged to observe the laws and rules for financial institutions although formally PayPal is not recognized as a bank, because it doesn’t participate in Deposit Insurance system. In Australia, in 2006 PayPal got a license for the loan-and-savings activity ((Authorised Deposit-taking Institution (ADI?), becoming the subject of Australian banking legislation.

In 2007 PayPal (Europe) S.? r.l. et Cie, S.C.A. obtained a banking license in Luxembourg, enabling it to carry out banking activities on the whole European Union territory. Its headquarters are in San Jose, California and  and operations center in Omaha, Nebraska. Thus PayPal is obliged to comply with the laws and regulations of the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier. These facts explain Hence the widespread popularity of PayPal as it is considered to be the most reliable electronic payment system in the world, while remaining comfortable and fast.

How popular is PayPal going to become?

PayPal established itself between 1999 and 2002. It became really famous in 2002 after Ebay bought it when their old system, Billpoint, which was created in haste, became unable to fulfill its role correctly and a replacement needed to be found. PayPal showed all the benchmark signs of a system that was fitting for the role, and in 2002 Ebay took it in. And it was beautiful friendship. PayPal is now fully operational as an independent company and it holds its own strongly and copes very well with fantastical amounts of pressure, widening its functions exponentially.

PayPal is becoming more and more popular by the day thanks to its effectiveness, reliability and simplicity of use coupled with an absolutely massive amount of security features (which you know about empirically if you ever had the misfortune of losing your password going through a hefty load of security checks).

Ebay was a fond owner of PayPal with high expectations for its future role in company development. In 2009 Ebay hit an all-time low, losing more than 80% of its stock compared to 2007, and this led to a decision to cut financing to companies like PayPal – a move that later turned out to be a huge mistake.

After losing a lot of valuable time which should have been used to take over the market (and PayPal had everything it needed to take over searching like Google did and social networking like Facebook did), PayPal became an independent company in 2015 and became a fantastical success with a 9.2 billion revenue, 16, 800 employees and a 1.4% total annual return to shareholders. It has 184 million active users and 15 million traders. It took care of 278 billion dollars in revenue in 2016, and kept increasing profits ever since.

PayPal’s new CEO Dan Schulman, a protégé of Richard Branson’s and previously an executive of American Express very much into cowboy jeans and boots, is in favor of change. “I want people to use PayPal twice a week, and after that, every day” – He says.  Although PayPal has been criticized prior to him for not being flexible and practical enough, the company is introducing a new technology (for example, Venmo, a payment app which is very popular with the new generation). PayPal survived the toughest years and grew and grew.

With the new management, David Marcus, who introduced new peer-to-peer technology, the company quickly started to develop its own branches like PayPal Here, which helped implement PayPal in small businesses. In 2013 with the purchase of Braintree, the company that launched AirBnb and Uber, things really picked up. IN 2014 Braintree handled $23 billion dollars’ worth of transactions, and double that in the year to follow.

PayPal outgrew Ebay (it grew by 19% in 2013, and Ebay only by 12%), and it became obvious that PayPal became gorgeous enough to start operating on its own, hence the separation of two companies. PayPal’s new CEO, Dan Schulman, quickly brought its user base to unbeaten 184 000 000 users, and it is now a global corporate giant that is in step with media magnates like Google and Facebook.

What’s To Come

PayPal is very interested in coming into the market in The US, and the last few years have seen more of an interaction on that front. This is a fantastic perspective for both sides given that they can come to some form of an agreement.

PayPal and Visa have officially forged a partnership. It is looking increasingly more and more like PayPal will become one of the most essential and used online casino payment services in 2018 and 2019.

Projected global mobile transactions are 1.2 trillion, and, despite the fact that PayPal has a v=few powerful competitors, it’s very sure to stand on its own two feet in the future and has the shocking growth and revenue figures to show for it (and it’s very fond of implementing cryptocurrency, which it has been doing successfully for a while now).

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