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Visa has been with us for decades now, from long before online payments got so popular. This card is represented and recognized in most countries worldwide. So there will never be any problems with online casinos accepting deposits made via Visa, just as well as with withdrawals to this card. There is virtually no online casino that would refuse to accept Visa.

So the question is rather what casinos offer better conditions for Visa players. Let us take a look at the top Microgaming casinos list that will help us decide which one to join.

Online casinos, that accept Visa 2024

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Casino Bonus Banking options Play
VISA Depositing Withdrawing Withdraw time
Jackpot City casinoJackpot City casinoMicrogaming, WGT $€£ 400 $€£ 10-2500 $€£ 10-1000 2-6 days Play now
Spin Palace casinoSpin Palace casinoMicrogaming $€£ 250 $€£ 10-2500 $€£ 10-1000 2-6 days Play now
Ruby Fortune casinoRuby Fortune casinoMicrogaming $€£ 150 $€£ 10-2500 $€£ 10-1000 2-6 days Play now
Betway CasinoBetway Casinouk acceptedMicrogaming, WGT $€£ 250 $€£ 10-2500 $€£ 10-4000 2-6 days Play now
32Red casino32Red casinouk acceptedMicrogaming, WGT $€£ 160 $€£ 20-2000 $€£ 30-1000 24h Play now
All Slots casinoAll Slots casinoMicrogaming $€£ 250 $€£ 10-2500 $€£ 10-5000 5 days Play now
Hippodrome сasino Hippodrome сasino uk acceptedMicrogaming $€£ 250 $€£ 10-2500 $€£ 10-4000 2-6 days Play now
Cabaret Club casinoCabaret Club casinoMicrogaming $€£ 600 $€£ 10-2500 $€£ 10-1000 2-6 days Play now
Gaming Club casinoGaming Club casinoMicrogaming $€£ 200 $€£ 10-2500 $€£ 10-1000 2-6 days Play now
Casino PlexCasino Plexuk acceptedPlaytech $€£ 500 $€£ 10-2500 $€£ 10-2500 24h Play now
Omni CasinoOmni CasinoPlaytech $€£ 360 $€£ 10-2500 $€£ 10-2,500 48h Play now

Advantages of using Visa

Visa really brings you recognition and respect wherever you go. Nothing will be able to ruin for you those moments when you want to satisfy those little wishes that you have in mind, regardless if it is buying something or joining an online casino. Visa gives freedom and that’s a fact. When paying with this card the transactions are strongly protected against theft or fraud of any kind. It goes without question that Visa will replace your card in case it was lost or somehow stolen.

Visa is an extremely widespread and highly reliable solution.

Many online casinos also offer special terms for players who use Visa for depositing. It happens so, because they like this payment solution for its utter transparence and trustworthiness. Sometimes up to 50% the deposit amount can be presented to a player in form of bonuses, just for using his or her Visa card at the casino.

Some online casinos players should use Visa carefully

On the other hand, because of its utter transparency Visa many not be the best choice for players who prefer to ‘stay in shades’. Not everyone likes his personal bank details being available to online casinos. There can be different reasons for that, but the main is probably because they are afraid the information can be leaked from the casino.

Some players do not trust the casino online they play at. The best solution for these players should be to switch to a different casino. With our site and all the information we have gathered here about top trustworthy casinos, this should not be a problem at all.

How to open Visa account

There is nothing simpler than opening a Visa account. Usually one should simply visit the nearest bank and ask for a Visa. There are countless variations of this card, many of which are perfect for using online. The bank employees will help you to choose just the perfect option for you and then accompany you through the process. As a rule opening a Visa card is free, but you should consult with the bank about their conditions.

  1. Go to your Bank.
  2. Ask them for a Visa card.
  3. Talk through the details with the Bank employee.
  4. Your Visa card will be issued to you within days, as a rule.

Once your Visa card is ready, you can use it for playing for real money at online casinos as well as for purchasing all sorts of goods online. When it comes to online, Visa is extremely convenient. There is no question that this is one of the most convenient payment solutions available nowadays.

Visa casinos

FAQ (periodically updated)

  1. Do online casinos see my Visa card information?

    Yes, when you deposit by means of Visa you provide the card information to the online casino.

  2. Online casinos allow withdrawals to my Visa card, right?

    Absolutely. This is actually one of the main advantages of Visa – most online casinos allow using it for both deposits and withdrawals.

  3. How long does it take for the money to transfer from my Visa to the online casino?

    The transactions are almost instant when it comes to deposits to online casinos. There may be some waiting time set by the casinos in case of withdrawals.

  4. Are there any strings attached?

    Visa is definitely one of the best and widest spread online banking solutions. It is known and trusted all over the world, so the chances of Visa giving you any troubles are almost non-existent.

Visa alternatives for players who prefer to hide personal card info

We cannot stress enough, that Visa is a great solution for depositing to and withdrawing from online casinos. But for those players who prefer not to put their personal Visa card information on display, we prepared short review of possible perfect alternatives. So here we go:

  • Skrill. One of the best online payment solutions that do not require showing personal bank card info.
    Easily issued.
    Accepted by most online casinos.
    Allows hiding personal bank card info.
    Simple withdrawals from online casinos.
    Not so many ways to deposit funds to Skrill.
    Does not accept some currencies like Japanese Yen or Russian Rubles.
  • Poli. Highly popular in Australia and New Zealand and widely accepted by online casinos.
    Australian located and highly reliable.
    Many casinos online offer bonuses for those using this payment option.
    Allows hiding personal bank card info.
    Very simple to work with.
    Created for Australia and New Zealand mainly.
    Transactions can take up to several days.
  • PayPal. One of the leading online casino payment solutions by far.
    Extremely popular and reliable.
    Most online casinos accept payments with PayPal.
    Allows hiding personal bank card info.
    Very fast transactions.
    Easy to use and top reliable.
    None that we are aware of.
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