Privacy Policy & Cookies Policy

For convenience we will sometimes name ‘we’, ‘our’ or ‘us’. For the very same reason we may here address the visitors as ‘you’ or ‘your’.

CpaymentMethods highly value your trust and we guarantee that privacy of our website visitors is safe with us. Here we explain how we treat personal data of our visitors and services users, which is only directed towards improvement of your experience and the private information is always used in compliance with the 1998 EU Act for Cookie Directive and Data Protection. may update our site and thus change this policy eventually. Our visitors can check the Cookie Policy & Privacy page to make sure they are still happy with the terms.

What information we collect and how we do it.

The following are the reasons why we collect our visitor’s information:

Why we prefer using Cookies

Just like the majority of websites we prefer using cookies (small text files available on each computer/laptop).

Every time you visit CpaymentMethods your computer/device provides the server with its unique cookie. This is done in order to allow the deliver the requested webpage to the correct location; also after this information (the cookie) is provided you are free to visit other CpaymentMethods website pages and not get treated as a new visitor every time you open a page. This leads to higher browsing speed and user experience, because the server does not need to request the information over and over again each time you load a new page.

There is no way a cookie grants us with access to your device or provides us any information about you personally on top of the info you share with us willingly.

What Cookies we use if any

Session cookies. These are gathered when you are in the website and get immediately deleted from your device when you close the browser.

Persistent cookies. These are stored on the hard drive of your device until they get expired or you delete them. The server(s) then are able to recover the information related to our website visits.
Cookie Permission. We set these cookies when the visitors have agreed to all cookies. Full use of our site is possible thanks to using this type of cookies; otherwise you will receive a warning every time you visit a new page on CpaymentMethods saying, that you have not allowed cookies.
Analytic Cookies. These collect information on which pages you visit on our website. They also let us know how you found us and what equipment you use for browsing. The use of this information is strictly limited to analysis purposes, and no information is collected that would allow to personally identify our visitors.

Third party cookies. The advertisements shown on CpaymentMethods may use third party cookies if they target to collect the number of its clicks or views. These third parties may have cookie usage terms & conditions of their own, and we are not responsible for them.

How you can delete cookies

Our visitors are free to decline cookies. This can be managed by mere modifying corresponding browser settings. As a rule different browsers provide step-by-step instructions on how to disable cookies and they are not hard to follow.

What use we make of the information

CpaymentMethods may use the information we receive in order to:

The information may be used with the aim:

What we will never do with the information:

We will securely store the information provided by you and it will only be accessible to your account’s administration.

Policy amendments

As the technology changes rapidly, so may our terms and conditions, because we need to keep up with the changing environment. We hope that you check our Terms and Conditions and Policies page regularly in order to have the most up-to-date information.

Our visitor’s rights

Any of our visitors may request to provide his/her personal information we possess. This goes in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Please also be informed that providing this information is not free of charge and is the subject of some payment fee.

Contact us

In case of any Privacy Policy questions please contact us via the contact form. You are free to use it for contacting us about the data, treatment or any other questions.

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