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Welcome to CpaymentMethods, your loyal guide in the world of online gambling. Here come a few words on why we keep working daily and what we want to bring to our readers.
With all those countless online casinos available nowadays, it can be extremely difficult to choose the really worthy ones. They must be safe, secure and offer the best casino games available online. But can you really test them all? No need to, when you trust us to do that!

What we do

We at CpaymentMethods understand the challenges laying before the newbie players just as well as before the experienced players. We aim to make the process of choosing the perfect online casino as simple as possible.
That is why our scouts keep testing dozens of casinos online to see which have the best bonuses, games, payout offers and so on. All that is left for you to do is to compare the results we get and choose!

Our mission

It is our belief that each player has his or her perfect online casino. The place where he/she feels truly at home and can keep gambling safely and successfully every day.
To help our readers make their right choice, we try to give them:


So please feel free to use the information we gather for your sace and convenience.

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