Online casinos have a negative effect on people’s behavior

These are the exact words from a statement made by British scientists from Oxford. Some may mock everything the “British scientists” have to tell us (this is due to their reputation and they scientists from Britain will probably just have to live with it); but let us take a closer look at what they have to say on this particular matter.

So, their studies have shown that the optimal time spent at online casinos is just 1 hour a day and no more. If a person spends more than an hour for online gambling some negative consequences are beginning to appear in his or her behavior. Let’s look at what the consequences such people can expect according to the scientists from Britain:
– depression
– lack of sleep
-all that is associated with stress (headaches, indigestion, etc.)
– heart disease
– loss of concentration

They basically say that gambling affects our emotional component, which in turn has financial implications. Problems begin to arise when gambling begins interfering with personal life, work and the gambler’s finances. If one plays at online casino moderately and takes everything as a game and not a way of earning money, no problems should arise.

In society, there is also a misconception that, say RTG online casino games all in itself positive, that is, if you play in some popular 3D shooter on the PC, the harm to health will be less. “Nothing of the sort,” – shout Oxford scientists. That time spent for games leaves its mark on behavior. It is understandable that if the shooter to play for an hour a day, then nothing bad will happen. But if playing for days, then there will be skewed psychological and physical condition of the person.

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