United States introduce two Online Gambling Bills

The battle for online gambling market is still far from over in the United States of America.

Online gambling market in the United States has never been such a mess as apparently it is now. A very nice elastration to the fact being the two bills are about to be voted this week. One of them aims to ban online gambling as the fact, the US online casinos legalized by the states laws included. While the second bill offers to federal authorities to legalize online poker!

The anti-online gambling bill

After the Wire Act that had basically banned online gambling back in 2000th expired many were looking into the future with hope. The governments of such states as New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware passed a number of laws that allowed online gambling of different forms. This allowed gathering more taxes and creating new works. But most recently a Senator from the Republicans Lindsey Graham has come up with the bill that would ban any forms of gambling online and make them illegal across the country. This would mean the end of online casinos as we know them in the United States, especially if Mrs. Graham does become the president as she intends to.

Who is behind the scene

As could be predicted one of the powers behind this bill is Sheldon Adelson. This billionaire is the Las Vegas Sands land casino owner and the current sponsor of many anti-online gambling campaigns. According to him online gambling is a very bad thing for society and for business (apparently his business), and it should be treated hostile for this reason. But there are decent opponents to Sheldon Adelson’s position too. Such respected companies as Caesars Entertainment Corp. and MGM Resorts International say that if banned online gambling would only go underground. This way all the parties would lose.

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