The results of the first Microgaming Soap Box Race event

The Isle of Man based leading online gambling software provider Microgaming organized the Soap Box Race. We already informed our readers on this event when it was a mere plan. Well, now it is over and here are details on how it went.

What Microgaming Soap Box Race was about

As you may remember, the main goal of Microgaming Soap Box Race was to raise money for Isle of Man Hyperbaric. And this goal was successfully achieved with £2,900 collected. But it would hardly be possible if the event has not turned out to be such a fun thing. More than twenty five homemade soap boxes started off from Upper Church Street and went down against the stopwatch. There were chicanes, jumps and a classic tight bend final, so the crowd that gathered to witness the race had hours of great entertainment. Several quite heroic crashes added to the fun atmosphere too!

The event results

The winner of the first Microgaming Soap Box Race 2014 is ‘Manx Engineers’ team that finished first. But there were more prizes given out. A team from London with a great name ‘Does My Scrum Look Big In This’ gained the prize for outstanding design. The ‘Brum’ team hit the highest speed of the event. The ‘Swagelock’ made the biggest jump that day, and the most impressive crash belongs to ‘Moore and Son’s’. All in all, the event became a real success, and Microgaming is planning to make it annual from now on.

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