The Playtech’s champion wallet for Winner

The world-famous gambling provider Playtech has advertised the fortunate Winner migration to its brand multi-product wallet, a part of Information Management System or IMS for short.

The Winner gaming operator appeared in the market only a year ago but has already conquered many players’ interest and trust. With very motivating slogan ‘Whatever your game, be a Winner!’ they have done their best to make the gaming process more enjoyable than ever. On June 23rd it was officially announced that Winner was to launch the leading Playtech’s platform and to offer a multi-balance wallet option from that day. A part of award-winning IMS this unified wallet provides up-to-date solution for both players and operators. Different accounts for products and services have been reduced as an element of the past.

With Playtech’s convenient innovation, a player can create one account only and therefore use same wallet to operate within a number of products and games. With no doubt it will open unlimited opportunities for players to win with more comfort, no matter if they are playing poker, casino, bingo or else. And even more, with updated Winner wallet the player will be able to transfer funds across different games and products, receiving cross-sell opportunities in the form of free spins and special bonuses. Obviously, it has become more comfortable to play and win nowadays. We should note that operators will also profit from this innovative solution. They will be able to monitor all player’s activities and financial highlights with the help of a single backend.

The Vice President of Playtech, Mr. Tony Khatskevich, warmly welcomed Winner gaming operator as a newvaluable member. He also noted that unique single wallet will be of perfect assistance both for Winner and itsnumerous players.

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