Unusual Roulette from Playtech

Playtech, one of the world leaders in the creation of quality software for online casinos, keeps on doing its best to surprise and delight gambling fans.

This time Playtech developers have created a new version of ever popular roulette, and the chances are very high that it will be appreciated by all fans of Marvel comics. Rules of the new Marvel Roulette game remained virtually unchanged. Just as in the classic version, here numbering goes from 0 to 36, and all the existing options are at available rates. One of the innovations however, is the possibility of Marvel theme to make gameplay even more fun.

What catches the eye

One of the most interesting features in the game is ‘Marvel Bonus’. It can be activated if the bet is placed in special sector and when the ball falls into this very sector. This combination will enable the Marvel Bonus round which actually looks and works a lot like online slots. The symbols available on the reels are images of well-known heroes of the Marvel universe: Spider-Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, X-Men, Ghost Rider, The Avengers and the Fantastic Four.

More details and Marvel Mystery Jackpot

Coefficient of payments in Marvel Bonus feature is not constant and may range between 4 to 1 and 99 to 1. If the player was fortunate enough to get in this bonus game, then it means that he is guaranteed to win and the only question will be – how much he will win.

Marvel Mystery Jackpot that now goes hand in hand with the new roulette is a fascinating multi-level game with progressive jackpot. This game is available on any slot belonging to the Marvel series, and is activated complitely randomly, during drum’s spinning. Any spin that does not win, can nevertheless move the player closer towards the jackpot.

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