Quickfire by Microgaming merges with Comtrade

The fans of Microgaming casinos have a new reason to be happy. Your favorite games will be on iCore now! The officials of Comtrade Gaming and Microgaming claim that from now on all numerous Comtrade Gaming customers will have a chance to enjoy Quickfire content on iCore Enterprise Gaming Platform. It has become possible due to integration reseller agreement signed between Comtrade and Quickfire from Microgaming. This partnership is believed to be very fruitful by both parties.

And it is indeed great news for both online players and operators. The first are to enjoy enriched games content, the others will be more than satisfied with fast and easy integration procedure. On the first place this will affect several multi-player games at once including Bingo, Poker, Live Dealer games and so on. All of them were successfully integrated into iCore platform.

It will allow Comtrade Gaming to provide its current and future customers the content from Microgaming – online gaming market leader. And it will surely lead to more players online and more licensed operators among partners. According to this agreement Microgaming also wins a lot. Official representatives of Product Channels at Microgaming are sure that this project will increase number of players thanks to huge Comtrade customer’s base. Aspecially knowing that many payment methods will be exepted. This cooperation will also improve company market positions already high but as known Microgaming always strives for the greatest heights. Since both Microgaming and Comtrade Gaming have similar strategy of cooperation with leading operators, this merge is bound to succeed.

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