Prove it’s your jackpot in court

In the United States a land casino slot machine gave the woman a big win by mistake, and now she plans to claim it in court.

A curious case recently happened in one of the casinos in Las Vegas. A slot machine gave the woman an incredible prize of eight and a half million dollars, but the administration of the land casino where it happened said that it was all a mistake.

What are her chances to win

Veronica Castillo is the name of the lady who won 8.5 million dollars. She says that she should definitely receive the whole sum of the win, but the representatives of the casino do not agree. According to them, slot machine had to issue a total of $ 80, but there was a glitch in the system.

The woman has contacted his lawyer and now intends to defend her win in court. It is not clear what the outcome of the trial will be but if the casino manages to prove that it had been a technical error, Veronica Castillo will not be able to receive her winnings.

Let us just say that such a thing would never possibly happen in an online casino. Although they are fully digital, the respected providers like Microgaming, RTG and Playtech do make sure that no glitches take place and all players have equal chances to win.

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