Please welcome new Head of Playtech’s retail division Shay Segev

The global licensor, designer and developer of software and services for the gaming industry Playtech announced about their new farseeing modification. As the matter of fact the end of May has been fruitful for Playtech both with innovations and changes in the management team. From the 22nd of May its retail division, Videobet, has a new Chief Executive Officer. Please welcome Shay Segev aboard!

Segev’s career at Playtech is dated back to 2006 when he was the Chief Operation Officer of Videobet. His activities covered both online and retail gaming. Many bonuses were given out to the players during thaat time. Later on he was promoted to COO of Playtech, contributing greatly to the company’s success. Due to his initiatives more than 25 thousand Videobet machines appeared in the UK betting shops. And even more, Shay Segev has recently become a board member of Gaming Standards Association. So there is no doubt that his membership will add multi-channel gaming experience to Playtech.

The famous server based gaming technology by Videobet is currently updating to set the connection between gaming floors, betting shops and lotteries. Due to Videobet innovation the outdated ground based gaming industry is given second life within the new online location.

Leaded by Shay Segev the retail division of Playtech is going to take strategic course to unite retail and online offerings. The main purpose will be to create single gaming environment for both players and operators. So the coming years are going to be promising for Playtech and its retail division.

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