Playtech is spending over $800 million on acquisitions

One of the largest online gaming software developers is doing more than just well apparently, since Playtech has announced that the company would spend over 800 million on acquisitions. It is not a figure that could be spent if they did not realize that the field of mobile gambling is growing very fast and needs some investment. So with Alan Jackson for the new chairman Playtech is about to meet new times.

The company has no debts at the moment and it had £424 million on its accounts in March 2013 which made it possible to look for investment opportunities. According to the company’s representatives it is a good position to be in and the opportunity needs to be used to take it to the next level shortly.

According to official data, the adjusted earnings before interest tax, depreciation and amortization was reaching a hundred and five million dollars for the first 6 month of this year, which is a considerable grow if compared to about seventy million dollars last year. The revenues were up to fifteen percent in total (or to about two hundred million dollars). At the same time underlying adjusted net profit was eleven percent higher (or about eighty million dollars). All the figures are in accordance with the company’s official data.

Also, the daily average revenues over the initial 60 days of the 3rd quarter of 2013 were over ten percent higher than for similar period of year 2012. It was announced that the interim dividend would be 7.8 euro cents per share, which is similar to the figures of last year. It should be noted though, that the shares in Playtech have risen by almost eighty percent over the year.

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