PayPal is once again independent

One of the leading world online casino banking solutions PayPal is once again independent.

Most recently shares of one of the largest online payment solutions PayPal were introduced to the NASDAQ stock exchange. The shares were worth 5% more than their initial $40 a piece by the evening of the same day. At the same time the company is valued in over $49 billion while the eBay has lots over 50% of its cost after the split up.

PayPal as a leading online payment solution

PayPal appeared in early 2000th to become one of the most successful startups of the time. The company’s two founders manager to attract about $70 million during the IPO when the client base of PayPal was just over $13 million. Almost after that eBay bought the company for $1,5 billion sharp, the reason being high popularity of this payment solution with the online auction’s clients. At the moment 65% of all transactions were carried through PayPal. Well, within ten years that followed the company grew up to 170 million active users worldwide and with annual income of $7,9 billion. PayPal was for eBay more than just a convenient payment solution. It was bringing the online auction 44% of its income too.

PayPal as a perfect solution for online casinos

So why is PayPal one of top popular banking solutions at online casinos? The answer to this question becomes quite obvious if we understand that this is an extremely convenient solution. Transactions made using it are very fast and secure, which is never a bad thing when we deal with money. Plus, it works with all the best online casinos with software from different providers, Microgaming, RTG and Playtech included.

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