Casinos and online gambling worldwide

Almost a half of all countries worldwide offer their citizens access to legal online gambling in some of its forms. This conclusion was made by Key to Casino company that specializes in studying of online gambling. The research results show that 60 out of 196 countries that exist in the world allow its citizens participate in online gambling.

Online casinos in different lands

While online gambling and gambling in form of brick-and-stone casinos is legal in sixty lands including the UK, fifty one country bans gambling in any form. Most countries where people have no access to gambling of any kind are located in central Asia and Middle East. At the same time 6 countries including Singapore forbid gambling for their citizens but allow it for tourists. Thirty nine countries ban online gambling but it does not mean that people there have no access to playing online. They join casinos online anyway, but they do it illegally. Thirty two countries allow foreign casinos to work on their territories but they forbid create casinos to their own citizens.

In 93 countries they neither ban nor allow online gambling. The government of these lands does not seem to realize that such a problem exists at all. This situation makes the countries a sort of grey zone for online casino owners and their partners. Also, governments of 27 countries support land casinos but give no permission to online ones to work on their territory.

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