Online gambling is not dangerous

Dr. Sally Geinsbori Learn has been studying the problem of the gambling addiction for several years, to now come to an unexpected result (at least so for many) – online gambling is not dangerous and cannot be treated as some sort of disease. Dr. Sally came to the conclusion that playing through the Internet, people are not exposed to gambling addiction. It can be different for the land based casino visitors, but the players in online casinos are apparently in no danger. This statement debunked the assertion organization CSIG (Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling) that online gambling – it is cocaine for those who like to gamble.

Excellent news for online casinos

The work of Dr. Sally Geinsbori was published in April in the center of studies of gambling addiction (Centre for Gambling Education & Research), which is located in the Australian University of Southern Cross. The full name of the scientific work is the following: «The Relationship Between Internet Gambling and Disordered Gambling». In a study presented comprehensive studies showing that online gambling and gambling in traditional gaming establishments are very different. However, while there is not enough data to fully understand these two different types of gambling activities and need further research.

No land casinos – no problem

One of the key facts that Dr. Sally found out, is that the gamblers manifest themselves on stage in traditional gaming establishments. The person becomes addicted, visiting casinos and betting in the traditional casinos mainly because of the sounds, smells, colors and the whole in whole atmosphere. Thus, people have formed an erroneous opinion about online gambling. Dr. Sally also emphasizes that, even though her research has found that Internet gambling is not the primary cause of gambling addiction, but the people who like visiting online casinos too often most likely have the pre-disposition for further visiting land casinos and becoming addicts.

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