The future of online gambling in the USA

The US have finally allowed the mobile and online gambling in several states last year. This is a huge step ahead if we remember that the law is still banning online gambling in most states very severely. Well, not the gambling itself to be precise, but the banking institutions are not allowed to provide the payments to and from online casinos. And that of course makes the whole idea of playing there pointless.

Online casinos payments

The issue with the major card providers refusing to accept payments via mobile is still preserved though. Even in the states where online gambling is now officially allowed. That made the Gambling Control Commission spokesperson Richard Schuetz to state, that such card providers should no longer be nervous and stop losing costumers for this silly reason. The laws were already changed and although small steps should be taken when it comes to the US mobile payment transactions – the future belongs to the companies that allow them.

The future of USA online gambling

The start (or rather the restart) to mobile gambling in the United States gambling industry online was rather slow. This can be explained by the fact that there is not clear understanding of current rules yet. But with the online gambling as well as mobile gambling industries growing the business leaders are getting to grips very quickly. And the time when the leading providers including Playtech, RTG, Microgaming and others will come back to the USA market is soon to come.

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