Online gambling in the USA and the land-based casinos

The online gambling is getting still closer to getting legalized in the USA, but there are certainly people and organizations who do not like it and want to see it banned under the federal law. Sheldon Adelson from Las Vegas has written an article for the Forbes business magazine in which he presumed that some people may lose more money than they can afford gambling online. So he proposes to keep online gambling in the USA illegal at any price. He also pointed out that presumably the spread of gambling online can lead to people losing jobs in land-based casinos. He says that as online gambling in Europe spread out it caused the fact that gamblers now visit land casinos less by twenty percent is compared to the past. The reply came right away and from many sources. ABC News published an article in which California attorney Martin D. Owens said that Adelson’s point of view was not correct at all. As for the fact that land based gambling is experiencing decrease is due to the fact that younger generation now does everything online and gambling is simply no exception. He added that the land-based gambling is simply getting outdated, which is natural. And also he gave the facts that online gamblers actually tend to make smaller bets then the players in real casinos. So Adelson’s arguments are not really reliable. John Pappas who is the executive director of Poker Players Alliance also opposed Adelson as for the issue of online gambling. He pointed out that any of the arguments on the European Internet gambling Adelson has presented to the public are not really correct. In fact the online gambling in Europe is more regulated and overseen than the land gambling in many ways. The potential problems with gambling online, like age verification and problem gamblers can be handled in this case even more effectively than in the land gambling. He explained that it is easy to track any action taken by any player in case of the online gambling and that certainly is the dream of any regulator. Pappas also said that apparently Adelson just does not understand the nature of online gambling and many players who stand for online gambling even proposed to organize boycott against his land-based casinos. Many of the American states allow making online bets on the horse racing. Three of them made certain verticals of online gambling legal. And Nevada for instance is going to legalize online poker. Online casinos will become legal in New Jersey soon. So it looks like Adelson’s ideas are going to stay in the past.

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