European online casinos may stop using Bitcoins

The rumours are that the crypto currency is about to be banned from online casinos in Europe. So Bitcoin that has been rapidly developing throughout the last several years will face new problems. The Euro commission says that because a number of terroristic organizations used Bitcoin to provide payments, the crypto currency should be banned in Europe once and for good.

What are the consequences

If the law offered by the commission will be approved, it is going to come into operation in early 2017. Although there is no real proof that any terroristic organizations use Bitcoin for financing their wicked activity, the low has surprisingly many supporters.

Some time back the vice-president of European commission stated in one of his interviews, that they aim to establish control over all financial resources possibly used by the terrorists, starting from cash and pieces of art, to the anonymous pre-paid cards and the crypto currency. At the same time they aim to avoid the unnecessary complications for law-abiding citizens.

Can it at all be done

Tracking the Bitcoin users can turn to be a quite difficult task. Because although the currency is bought and sold in the European stock exchange, but its emission is outside Europe. Once the Bitcoins are received, it is almost impossible to track the transaction source. At the moment the crypto currency is worth about $390, but the bad news may give it a descending trend.

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