History of online casinos success

Online Casinos today enjoy a stunning success, and almost overshadowed his real popular casinos. Despite the extremely short period of development of just 18 years, the history of online casinos is full of interesting and colorful events.

The first virtual gambling site that gained comparative popularity was Gaming Club. It opened its doors to players back in 1994. However, at that time PC users were not in a hurry to visit the virtual gaming halls. The world of virtual gambling seemed too unreliable to them. But when fortune hunters appreciated the benefits of online games, the online casinos finally received the recognition it deserves. So the other projects similar to Gaming Club started appearing and developing rapidly. The most exciting fact is that the Gaming Club casino still successfully operates and welcomes players to the moment!

The first real success of online casinos

In 1996 was launched the legendary InterCasino platform by MicroGaming. Then in 1997 there already was the 888.com casino. Its name was probably derived from the 777 – a winning combination known to any player. The speed at which online gambling kept developing is easily seen on the example of the casino 888.com. From its initial several thousand dollars a day, it operated several millions a day in just ten years! Other online casinos witnessed similar speed of growth, that looked more like and explosion than anything else. Today, the market of international online gambling well exceeds three billion dollars.

To be continued…

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