Netherlands and Malta sign an important online gambling agreement

Probably one of the biggest problems of online gambling world is the lack of set rules in different countries. That is, each and every land has the laws of its own which makes it very difficult for online gambling software providers to follow the tendencies. But the 21st century dictates its firm conditions as well, and the extremely quick development of the Internet has changed the reality once and for all. Because now we have the solutions that seemed impossible before and we have all the means to implement them.

What it is about

So there is the understanding now that whatever changes need to be done in online casinos world they have to be implemented on the highest state level. And the recent international agreement between the regulators from the Netherlands and Malta are an excellent example of this understanding. From now on the efforts of the regulators from these two lands will join their efforts in regulating their online gambling markets. Hopefully this will serve as a good example of cooperation of different countries and in time more and more lands will join in to the process.

Other European countries are welcomed to join

For the Netherlands this new pact will mean a burst in adaptation of its international online gambling to the local country’s laws, which is to be over by the middle of year 2015. And according to the president of Malta Gambling and Lotteries commission the agreement is going to help in defending the players’ interests too. So let us wait for the first real results of this cooperation to see if they will be as effective as predicted. Because if they will, the chances are very high that other European counties including United Kingdom will join in the pact.

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