Most popular video poker promotion is back to Omni Casino

The players who have been with Omni Casino online for some time certainly remember Double Royals promotion. It has been running for almost 2 years and they canceled it just some time ago. The reason was simple – casino management thought the players got tired of this promotion after all and wanted a change. They did expect a bit of disappointment and some people missing Double Royals when canceling it, but what they got in fact was a flood of e-mails with request to return it. So they did! And they were very glad to, since all the letters and comments have shown just how much players like this promotion. So now all the fans of Video Poker will be able to take part in Double Royals promotion once again.

One of the reasons the gamblers did not want to let Double Royals go is that it is a unique promotion whereby they are guaranteed to win more than at any other online casino. Many who prefer video poker to other games took part in it and would confirm this fact. Lots of new members of Omni Casino as well as loyal members say that hands down Double Royals are the best available online.

Terms of the promotion are also very simple. One of the many video poker games needs to be played and a Royal Flush (that is Ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace) in hearts needs to be dealt. If it was Omni Casino is going to make the payout double and raise it up to a thousand dollars. Although the Royal Flush in Diamonds, Clubs and Spades will win a regular prize amount. The Double Royals is going to run at Omni Casino online each Friday and Saturday till the end of August this year. The players should of course visit the casino official site to learn terms and conditions prior to joining the promotion.

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