Mobile gaming in China? Everything is possible

China is one of the most dynamically developing markets in the world. But is situation as bright with online gambling?

According to the Asian analysts, the incomes of mobile game developers in China have exceeded $ 5.5 billion this year. One of the largest research centers Niko Partners predicts a permanent growth in this area until 2025. But already in 2019 the mark of sales could reach $ 11-12 billion.

Online gambling market of China grows immensely

Despite the fact that average revenue per customer in China is only $ 13 (comparing to the average $ 30 in the United States and with $40 in Canada), the number of mobile gamers exceeds the same indicator in the USA by about 100 million. Some figure! 66% – that’s the exact rate of annual growth in the field of online gambling. No other country can show such results. Analysts confirm that very few industries can boast a permanent increase in their income.

What games are popular at online casinos in China

Managing partner of ‘Niko Partners’ Lisa Hanson said that despite the ban on Gambling in China, this trend generates about 35% of the profits. One of the reasons for this being that China presents many European and Asian bookmakers, as well as various casinos with live dealers. Online casinos with live dealers occupy about 70% of the gambling industry. The most popular games are Mahjong, Baccarat, and Pai Sikbo Year poker. Chinese gambling mecca, as we know, is a consummate Macau, with more than 100 casinos.

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