What mobile casinos can nowadays

Just a few years ago mobile casinos were rarely spoken of simply because they rarely existed. Today they are so commonly spread that we can sometimes dismiss an online casino or start thinking less of it simply because it does not have a mobile version. Leading casinos that want to keep their audience and attract new players offer iOS, Android, Windows and even Blackberry versions of their software. So basically any player who has a smartphone or a tablet and access to Internet can join his favorite casino whenever he chooses to.

What a modern mobile casino is like

As the matter of fact, modern mobile versions of online casinos can almost everything their PC version can. Access to the casino account, customer support, access to promotions and tournaments, communicating with other players and above all – the games. This plus the feeling of freedom are available for the players who downloaded online casinos to their mobile devices. The only drawback (and to our opinion it is huge) is that the amount of games titles is still very limited. Yes, the most popular online slots titles, blackjack games and other online table games are there. But their number is dozens and not hundreds as in case of PC casinos.

Are mobile casinos safe

Safety is another issue, although really minor, with the mobile casinos. The thing is that mobile phones and tablets are lost and stolen a lot more often than personal computers. And once they are lost so are the passwords and other personal information. Anyone who found a smartphone can and often does login to ex-owner’s casino accounts and start playing the games using money deposited earlier. Sadly for the owner of the device it is usually difficult to prove that the phone was stolen and he is not simply trying to full the support representative demanding to block the account and allow the withdrawal.

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