Microgaming is paying tribute to legendary Terminator with new online slot

The promise to be back is kept with new fascinating Microgaming slot Terminator 2.

We all remember and some of us love and quote the epic James Cameron’s movie Terminator 2: Judgment Day. It’s unforgettable soundtrack and phrases come to life in the new Microgaming online game. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Co. returns in the 5 reel slot with metallic theme graphics and realistic animation. According to Chief Executive of Microgaming Roger Raatgever, the slot combines both some basic movie features and gaming industry achievements. It has been profound, responsible and interesting work for all Microgaming team. The result turned out to be beyond their expectations.
The licenser of the Terminator movie, Studiocanal, is convinced that only such a giant in the industry as Microgaming could reborn the cinematography legend to the slot world masterpiece.

All Terminator fans are now welcome to try off new game and win some money for sure.
Being Arni’s admirer you will be delighted to find T-800 Vision bonus option, when you can scan the game via Terminator target eyesight. Besides when you hit 5-of-a-kind you will receive not only high bonus but also will be rewarded with memorable movie episodes. There are for sure some more pleasant surprises tailored by Microgaming for all Terminator fans and gamers.

Four times Academy Awards winner, ‘all stars’ cast movie ‘Termintor 2’ has returned as an online gambling slot.Hasta la vista, boring summer.

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