Miami Club casino launches Downtown Vegas Blackjack online

Wager Gaming Technology online gambling software provider has released the Downtown Vegas Blackjack for all the players to enjoy in April as well as in the months to come. And it is already added to the list of highly popular table games in such casinos as the Miami Club Casino online. This casino is one of just few that welcome US players, so the news is double as good for the gamblers from this country.

The Downtown Vegas Blackjack has two decks which the dealer shuffles in every hand when dealing the cards. The dealer stands on a Hard Seventeen but can hit on a Soft Seventeen as well. And just like in regular Blackjack he (or she) checks for Blackjack if he’s got 10 value card or an Ace. On the first two cards it is possible to double. Also, in case the dealer has dealt two cards of similar value or two cards that are the same it is possible to split the hand to 3 times.

One of the rules of Downtown Vegas Blackjack is that the Aces can be split where they would deal just 1 additional card and the hand would stand. Thus, the Insurance Pays make 2 to 1 and the Blackjack Pays make 3 to 2. And the excellent news is also that Wager Gaming Technology Downtown Vegas Blackjack is going to be used in the numerous tournaments that will be launched in the nearest future. So visit Miami Club casino online for the newest game and the fresh experience combined with impressive possible payouts!

You can learn more on the Miami Club Casino online here.

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