Megaball hits jackpot for the first time in five years!

There is an interesting tendency with some Playtech online gambling machines recently. We mean the ones that had reputation of ‘jackpot greedy’ for providing jackpots very rarely. But it looks like this is changed now.

Playtech jackpot

First off, everyone was surprised when a player won on the Megaball machine (to be clear – it did not provide jackpots for five straight years) over $200,000! Although it seems to be a rather small amount if compared to some other giant progressive jackpots, the fact that this exciting game can bring excellent wins is inspiring.

Megaball online game

Megaball is a variation of keno lottery. When playing it, a gambler makes a bet and chooses 6 random figures. It is also possible to choose the color of balls, the priority of figures’ coming and so on. And the more coincidences there are – the higher the prize is going to be. It looks like there is only one player in five years who had enough luck to guess everything possible!

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