Gambling in terms of demography

Over the past 10 years the number of women who take part in gambling increased significantly. What other interesting facts are there to discover?

Currently, almost half of female population in developed countries took part in online gambling some time or another (if not to take into account those who like the National Lottery). According to statistics, the most popular among women who play at online casinos are scratch cards and slot machines. Also, statistics shows growing popularity of gambling among the so-called “gray players”, that is, those who are at least 75 years old. However, according to a study on the prevalence of gambling conducted in 2012 by British scientists, men are still more often involved in gambling than women, but the gap is steadily narrowing.

Facts in several figures

In 2010, about 75% of the men who took part in the survey confirmed that they had participated in gambling at least once over the past year (which is only 1% less than in 1999). As for female players, according to research in 1999 and 2010, their number has increased from 68% to 71%. In addition, the number of women who said that last year they participated in a national lottery has increased from 41% back in 1999 up to 53% in 2010. According to a survey, approximately 33% of women and 38% of men have played during the past week.

What the figures really show

Despite the apparent increase in the number of gamblers, only 0.3% of women are considered to be dependent on gambling. Most regular players are women aged 45 to 65 years. As for gaming preferences surveyed, women are much more likely to play bingo than men. The study shew that the number of males playing slots virtually unchanged for the past 10 years, while over the same period, the number of slot machines lovers increased from 8% to 10%. In 1999, the share of players who reached 75 years of age was 52%, while in 2010 – 63%. Number of players aged 16 to 54 remained unchanged.

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