Fly Casino online gives lots of presents in New Year

The world known Fly Casino welcomes its players to 2014 and promises to give them numerous rewards for their loyalty. This year will be exciting for the gamblers who choose this casino for playing favorite games. At the casino they will do all the possible to make the changes and advancements that will allow providing gaming experience of the highest level. In fact, the new offers will be so numerous that they are going to be released on the weekly basis. There will be new bonuses, new games and new excitement!
For instance on the fourth of January they will provide 200% bonus on the 1st deposit of 50 $/£/€ the players make. The amount of deposit can be higher of course and the sum of match money received will rise correspondingly. On January the 5th there is going to be another promotion. The players who make any deposit on this day will receive up to a hundred dollars (Pounds, Euros). The amount of bonus is 50 percent.
On the sixth of January (Monday) a deposit of 50 $/£/€ made by the players at Fly Casino will be welcomed with 30 $/£/€ bonus. The good news is also that the players will be able to claim for the deposit up to three times on that day. So the total amount of bonus can increase to 90 $/£/€, which is quite generous. On the Big Money Tuesday (January the seventh) there will be a hundred percent match up to 200 dollars to the first deposit of 100 $/£/€ the players make.
The most popular promotion of Fly Casino is without a doubt the Hot Seat. It will take place on regular basis in the new year as well. And they promise it to become even more exciting and rich in payouts. The players who join Hot Seat Promotion are sure to win because they get awarded for every qualifying day with a Hot Seat point. So those who make twenty eight points in January will be sure to win 500,00 $/£/€.

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