Clickable Lobby Stream feature by Playtech

One of the leaders in online gambling software development, design and licensing Playtech company has announced the launch of a new Live Clickable Lobby Stream feature. It will become a pioneer in the live gaming space giving the players a way to join all the live games from a real-time lobby.

And the best part is that it will be possible to do it with just a single click. Visitors will get to see location of every game table as well as the dealers; and it will certainly make it simpler to choose the games they like. A transparency like this will establish credibility on the side of players and certainly it will add up to their loyalty and trust.
Playtech also makes this feature available in its mobile native applications and private areas. The Live private area is a live stream that shows the dedicated area of an operator, but with the branded game tables of their own. This creates a specific atmosphere and helps to differentiate and empower the brand and also improve the experience on the players’ side.
The Head of Live Games at Playtech Aviv Nankin said on the occasion that Playtech is very excited to bring such an innovative product as the Live Clickable Lobby Stream feature to modern international market. The players have full right and should be able to choose the live games they like in the easiest way possible. And this feature creates transparency for players thanks to its authenticity, which will result in more loyalty and trust. He also added that it is his belief that the Live Clickable Lobby Stream feature would help Playtech’s operators to gain a remarkable competitive advantage as well as take the gaming experience to the next level. And we believe it will.

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