The Cabaret Club Loyalty Program

There are probably no online gambling fans who pay little attention to two main aspects that can help them always stay on top. First off, they want to know that the casinos they play in provide the highest chances to win the largest payouts possible. And second, the bonuses they receive have to be better than in other places and give them some additional advantage in winning real money. When put together, these factors can play a decisive role in a player’s well-being and if he has a plan on how to use them he will always have a considerable bankroll.

Taking part in the Cabaret Club loyalty program should definitely be a part of such a plan. It is very convenient and has many levels so that more categories of players could participate in it. The six levels of the program allow earning points at different rates, starting from 1 point for each €10 wagered. And as a reward, the Cabaret Club casino will give you at least €10 back for every thousand points that you collect.

This may sound like a trifle if you forget that the wagers include both the money you win and the money you loss. When playing a Microgaming game with a small house edge you will have the wagers thirty times the size of the actual possible losses of yours! And as the loyalty club levels grow so will the perks you get. Once you make it to the silver level the bonus points will be provided at a rate of 10% and then rise to 20%, 40%, 50% with 60% awarded at the highest, platinum level. So do not hesitate and join Cabaret Club casino today to start collecting loyalty points right away.

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