A teacher from Scotland hits a £2,558,000 jackpot

Lately an average teacher from Scotland has been enjoying a supernatural amount of love. Only three months passed since she won £30,000 from an online casino and already she hits an unbelievable £2,558,000 jackpot!

Commenting on this huge win, the representative of one of Microgaming casinos where the jackpot was hit said: ‘According to our calculations this is the largest amount ever won at our online casino. This is a truly life-changing jackpot that will influence everything for the winner.’

How the jackpot changes life

It happened on Valentine’s day when a single mother was playing a five-reel online slot and overcoming the 1 : 1,000,000 winning statistics. The luck was on her side and she did manage to get the top jackpot of the game.

The jackpot in question had been being formed for 18 months and the woman who received £2,558,000 in exchange for the £2,50 bet was extremely happy. When commenting on the even she said that February 14th was a very good evening for her indeed. She added: ‘I was shocked because I had been playing with hope to receive a couple of pounds rather than a couple of millions!’

The winner lives in Scotland, but she is now going to take a trip to Miami (Florida, the USA). There the single mother and her seven-years-old son will visit Disney World park and celebrate the win.

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