How to win playing Slots online

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Millions of gamblers worldwide play slots every day hoping to win the huge jackpots many of these offer. And every day they keep thinking and experimenting on how to start winning more often. If you are one of this army of slots fans then this article is exactly for you.

How to keep winning playing slots

The first thing you will need to understand is that unfortunately there is no way to keep winning slots all the time and each time. Disappointing as it is, but it’s a fact and we would do wrong if we said otherwise. Never trust those who say they know how to guarantee 100% wins in this game and sell books about such winning strategies. All these books do is bring some money to the people who write them and sells them.

There is no guarantee of winning that is why it is gambling. Still, there are certain rules and tips you can follow in order to increase your chances to win playing slots. And if you follow these rules you will certainly win more often than without them.

Before we proceed to these tips and rules here are some facts you should remember:

  • Not all the slots machines are equally good. They are alike of course but each of these has a certain set payout percent. And this means that some slots machines win more often that the others.
  • An online casino always has a certain edge. That is the payout percent can never be 100%, otherwise a slot machine would not bring any money to the owner.
  • Modern online slots machines have a powerful random number generator to calculate the spins’ outcomes. So it is just not possible to know what combination is more likely to come up next; even if some combination has not come up for a long time it does not at all mean it has more chances to appear than any other.
  • There is no way a player can influence the random number generators so it actually does not matter what hand you are using to press ‘Spin’ or what other actions you undertake.

Please take a minute to check the most reliable casinos online and the variety of slots games they have on offer.

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Casino Bonus Banking options
(Deposit / Withdrawal)
VISA/MasterCard Neteller Skrill Paysafecard PayPal
Jackpot City casinoJackpot City casino $€£ 400 / / / / / Play now
Cabaret Club casinoCabaret Club casino $€£ 600 / / / / / Play now
Spin Palace casinoSpin Palace casino $€£ 250 / / / / / Play now
Betway CasinoBetway Casinouk accepted $€£ 250 / / / / / Play now
All Slots casinoAll Slots casino $€£ 250 / / / / / Play now
Gaming Club casinoGaming Club casino $€£ 200 / / / / / Play now
All Jackpots casinoAll Jackpots casino $€£ 250 / / / / / Play now
32Red casino32Red casinouk accepted $€£ 160 / / / / / Play now
Nedplay CasinoNedplay Casinouk accepted $€£ 100 / / / / / Play now
Ruby Fortune casinoRuby Fortune casino $€£ 150 / / / / / Play now

Now that you understand all these facts you will see why the following advises are useful to you:

  • Choose only the most profitable slots machines. Go ahead and learn what the payout percent of the certain slot machine is and play on the one that has the highest percent. It may be wise to overlook the entertaining value of the game in favor of the possible profit it brings.
  • Playing slots you should create your own rules of bankroll management and these follow them strictly. That is the set of rules that will work for you personally. The wise bankroll management is your future guarantee of not losing more than you can afford as well as of winning more than you could imagine. And always remember that gambling cannot bring guaranteed wins all the time.
  • Try to avoid the multimedia slots machines. You may think that the more paylines there are in the game the higher chances of winning it offers, but it is not true. More active paylines only mean the higher chances of a casino to win from you, and plus such machines usually have a bit less payout percent than the regular ones.
  • It is a good decision to make the maximum possible bets since most progressive machines will offer jackpots only if a player makes a max bet.
  • At the same time if your playing budget is limited, you should not make max bets and choose the non-progressive jackpots over the others.

And never try to chit when playing in online casinos! This will only lead to the casino blocking you and not paying you your money. We in our turn hope that the tips we provided will prove useful to you and you will start winning a lot in the slots games!

How to win playing Slots online
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